Fishing is an exciting sport. Many people choose to go fishing to gain the experience of catching a variety of fish. Unfortunately, many people lack the experience of fishing in various types of water catching different types of fish.

That is, you might be skilled in fly fishing for trout in a river, but don’t know how to fish for redfish in bayou. This is one of the main reasons to hire a Louisiana fishing charter, like Reel Tite for example. Here are a few legitimate reasons why hooking up with Captain Boola as a guide will lead to more fish and a great time.

You Don’t Need a Boat

Not even taking into consideration the cost of a boat, you have to store it, haul it and maintain it all year round. What a huge headache. And in addition to the cost of the boat, you are going to spend thousands of dollars on fuel, propellers, batteries, tackle, rod and reels, insurance, breakdowns and the list goes on and on.

Forget about buying and maintaining a boat, it is far cheaper and far easier just to book a fishing charter. It’s more fun as well.

Learn New Water

Even if you are an avid fisherman, you probably have a few favorite places you go to fish. And even though you might be very good fishing these spots, you are not as confident when it comes to fishing other areas.

A fishing charter is a great way to fish waters unfamiliar to you.

It’s an Adventure

Booking a fishing charter isn’t just an ordinary fishing trip, it’s an adventure. You can bet that it will be a day you will talk about for the rest of your life.

Speed Up Your Learning Curve

Sure, you can spend a lot of time figuring out how to fish in unfamiliar water, but it’s faster to learn through a fishing charter. By the end of the day, you will be more experienced and ready to share your knowledge with others.

Expert Advice

Reputed charters have expert fish guides. And these guides have great knowledge about everything concerning fishing. It is, after all, a lifestyle for them and not just a part-time hobby.

Specialized Equipment

A fishing charter will provide you with the equipment necessary to catch a lot of big fish. This means you will be fishing with a top-quality fishing rod and reel, quality fishing tackle and bait.

All you need to bring is the desire to fish and have fun.

No Pressure

When you go on a fishing charter, all you have to worry about is catching fish. You don’t have to worry about driving the boat, taking care of the gear or being in control of the situation. Your fishing guide does all of that. You get to take the day off from having responsibilities and focus on fishing.

If you’re looking for a fishing charter experience in Venice, Louisiana that you will never forget, give Reel Tite Fishing a call.