1. Louisiana Fishing Charter and Advancements in Fishing Gear

    Many old-timers reminisce about the "good old days" when they would head to their fishing hole with the most basic fishing rod and reel and a can of worms for bait. If they were fishing from a boat, you can bet it would be a simple wood boat with a couple of oars to propel it through the water. And …Read More

  2. Louisiana Fishing Charters And Fishing In Inclement Weather

    Louisiana Fishing Charters and Fishing in Inclement Weather

    It's fall, so if you plan on doing some fishing, you can't always assume you will enjoy warm, sunny weather. If you are lucky, the sun will be out and the weather fine, but you must be prepared in case this isn't the case. Here is a familiar scene; you work all week long, looking forward to the week…Read More

  3. Reasons to Hire a Louisiana Fishing Charter

    Fishing is an exciting sport. Many people choose to go fishing to gain the experience of catching a variety of fish. Unfortunately, many people lack the experience of fishing in various types of water catching different types of fish. That is, you might be skilled in fly fishing for trout in a river…Read More