If you are like any other American keen on making improvements in their lives, you probably made a few New Year’s resolutions. And we would be willing to bet many of you resolved to eat better, lose weight and save money. This is great, we are all for people bettering themselves. However, we think you should think outside the box and mix in a few resolutions you will look forward to keeping.

So as you sit there eating your kale and checking your savings account, think about fishing resolutions you could be making. Reel Tite, your fishing charter in New Orleans, offers resolutions for a better fishing new year.

Try a New Destination

Many fishermen have their favorite fishing spots and return to them year after year. While there is nothing wrong with this, perhaps you should shake things up a bit by finding a few other destinations. Consider planning a vacation so you can fish a new river or new lake, somewhere you have never been before.

You never know, you just might discover a new favorite fishing spot.

Take Pictures

Your spouse does it, your kids do it, you need to realize there is no shame in taking a few selfies while you are on a fishing trip. Taking pictures of your fishing adventures is a great way to make the memories last longer. Snap a photo of you and that big fish you just caught and you have captured the moment forever. Not only that, you can show the guys at work the big fish you catch. They will be jealous.

Buy a New Lure

Without a doubt, there is a slew of lures you have never tried. Make it a priority to pay a visit to your local fishing shop or sporting goods store and buy some lures you have never used before. In fact, buy lures from manufacturers you have never heard of before. You just might wind up with a lure that lands that record fish.

Teach Somebody to Fish

Not everybody goes fishing. There are people who may think about going fishing, but don’t simply because they don’t know how to fish. Don’t allow these people to lead such dreadfully boring lives, invite them with you on your next fishing trip and teach them the sport of fishing.

Since you already know all about the joys and fishing, share it with somebody else. Sharing your skills and knowledge will make your fishing expedition that much better.

Become an Expert

Pick one fish species and do as much research and studying up on it as you can. The idea is to become an expert on this particular fish. The best way to experience greater success while fishing is to know everything you can about the type of fish you are trying to catch.

Fish More Often

Stop making excuses for not going fishing. The more you fish, the happier you will be.

In fact, you should be calling Reel Tite right now and scheduling a fishing charter.